The For Goodness Sake Journey

Welcome to For Goodness Sake
I purchased For Goodness Sake in Bonita Springs Florida this year as the culminating event in a 3-year personal journey that began in crisis and ended with the creation of something special and spirit changing. I loved that some staff were still here decades after the store was established because they love what we (they) do.  Many loyal customers are still here decades later because our staff have cared for them and made staying healthy fun.

For people who haven’t discovered the store yet; For Goodness Sake (FGS) is your neighborhood marketplace for people with a lifestyle approach to health. The natural and organic health arena can be confusing. The food industry has chased the capitalist dream of driving prices down … and left a lot of us chronically unwell because of that. FGS is your partner to fix this; ensuring quality and simplifying the process. We offer a wide variety of produce, nutritional supplements, and prepared items to help our customers choose what’s best for them. We add value by performing the due diligence on our many suppliers to ensure we offer the best relevant seals of approval in the following areas of lifestyle choice:

– Organic (preparation and contents certified by USDA)

– Natural (antibiotic free, free range, humanely treated)

– Locally sourced (we visit suppliers and examine the toxicology reports)

– Vegan

– Gluten Free

Above all, I believe natural food has a role in preventing and even reversing the chronic diseases that seem to be accelerating in our society.

Achieving success in improving our health requires the discipline and tools to follow a system. Popular diets like Keto, Mediterranean, Atkins, and BulletProof are examples of professionally designed systems to assist in achieving many health benefits. Health professionals like Dr. Hyman, Dr. Axe, Dr. Mercolla and others explain the health benefits of natural foods in their blogs and books.  The previous manager of the store (Sayer Ji)  has created a powerful tool that we use to understand what natural foods and supplements can help with particular health concerns and can be found on   It allows users to see the empirical evidence  supporting natural foods and supplements as therapy.

At For Goodness Sake, we believe people can be empowered to take control of their own health. I am analytical by nature. I believe our customers are similarly motivated to want evidence that their health choices and interventions are making a difference. We offer advice on how to do that so you can approach your medical professional armed with knowledge.

-Bruce Ford