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Welcome to For Goodness Sake

For Goodness Sake proudly supports the SW Florida Community through educated and open discussion, excellent customer service and by offering the finest organic and natural grocery, health and wellness products.

100% Relaxation

Relaxation Station

Come relax and enjoy a fresh juice or Kombucha while trying a session in our Relaxation Station.

Our in-store BEMER pad can dramatically improve circulation; thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity. It is a form of “grounding” which the body requires to encourage our soft muscles to pump blood to our extremities. All the nutrition in the world does you no good if your body isn’t in harmony.

We believe good health starts with eating right.  Pure and organic botanical products are a good second line of defense. Our due diligence in this area has uncovered the astounding anti-inflammatory health benefits that are possible from this plant.  We offer a tincture which is created from a cold pressed extraction process in Colorado.  The growing and extraction process is done in a manner which ensures purity of the product.

Who isn’t affected by “brain fog” during our busy lives?  Food sensitivities, fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, and toxic abuse all act as ballast to our normal brain function.  The Brain Smarts station offers a selection of “Nootropics” to help alleviate this syndrome.  Simply put, nootropics are supplements which enhance brain cognition by addressing all the deficiencies which have built up over time.

The underlying causes of inflammation vary from allergies, toxins, stress, and overuse of muscles and tendons.  Treating the symptoms is important because chronic inflammation can prove more damaging than the underlying cause . Our Inflammation Station features products such as curcumin which has been proven to help break the cycle and allow the body to reset.  Our CBD products offer an even greater impact on relieving the inflammation by targeting our endocannanabinoid system. Its like pressing the master reset on your body.


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